Enlace Profesional de Consultores, is the leading company in administrative management of sanitary registrations and sanitary licenses for the food, import and pharmaceutical industries in Guatemala, Central America and Panama. With over 15 years of experience specializing exclusively in the management of sanitary registrations, sanitary licenses and related services, we have been able to create processes, systems and best practices that allow us to efficiently manage complex sanitary licenses and registrations portfolios.
We have the alliances, processes and systems to handle Sanitary Registrations and Sanitary Licenses in Guatemala and throughout Central America and Panama, which has allowed us to obtain the trust of several international clients in the integral management of their portfolios of registrations and licenses in the region. Despite managing registrations and licenses in different countries, we maintain centralized controls, which allows us to visualize and manage your portfolio of licenses and registrations in a single point of view and contact, facilitating the work of renewal, control and monitoring for our clients.
Our team of lawyers, accountants and nutritionists makes us the only integral company that can advise on all aspects related to sanitary registrations and sanitary licenses for a variety of products in Guatemala and the region.
Our organization is not only a company that manages registrations, we are the most complete consulting firm for this matters in the region, addressing also issues of regulatory compliance, administrative litigation and preventive advice.