Enlace Profesional de Consultores responding to the needs of its international clients, has implemented the mechanisms, processes and controls to meet all their requirements for Sanitary Licenses and Sanitary Permits throughout the Central American region and Panama. With  centralized management in our Guatemala office and exporting our good practices and procedures, we register, control and give support in all of the countries in the region.
Our system of control and expiration notices allows you to have a centralized control of all documentation and expirations of all your permits and licenses even if they are from several countries, being able to manage your entire portfolio in a single point, without having to collect information from several suppliers, since we take care of that work for you. If you want to centralize your control and operation of Sanitary Licenses and Sanitary Permits in Guatemala the Central American region and Panama, do not hesitate to contact us and see how a dispersed portfolio can be centralized and controlled from a single place and with a single provider.