Enlace Profesional de Consultores, has grown hand in hand with the food industry in Guatemala. We advise the largest companies of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of food products in Guatemala, Central America and Panama. Not a single day goes by that you do not consume a food product for which we manage its permit or we are in charge of its renewal.

We advise the food industry in the management of sanitary registrations for their products and licenses for their operations. In turn, we advise the food industry in all the requirements that must be met within their processes to ensure the safety and proper handling of food. We seek to understand your processes and adapt the rules and regulations to them, always keeping in mind that the times and processes in the food industry involve profit or loss, so recommending a change in a process is something very delicate that we do not take lightly. Your operation is at the center of our advice and we seek to ensure that it is in strict compliance without financially affecting the organization.

In turn, with the systems and processes we have implemented, once you are a client of Enlace Profesional de Consultores you can forget about worrying about being aware of the requirements and deadlines for renewal, we do this and we make sure to inform you on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis of the expirations that are coming so that you as an entrepreneur can make provisions and flows to meet these obligations and not affect you in a surprising way.