Enlace Profesional de Consultores, S.A. is the leading company in Consulting, Verification and Management of Sanitary Registrations. Our advice not only includes the administrative management of registration, but we also advise our clients on the current regulations applicable to each of their products.  This advice allows us to assure our clients that their products, labels and packaging comply with the legal requirements necessary to obtain sanitary registrations.


In Enlace Profesional de Consultores, S.A. we have the technology and processes for the prompt management and control of the expiration dates of the sanitary registrations of your products, in order to guarantee our clients that these are kept up to date. Our system allows us to visualize at any time the status of your sanitary registrations and their expiration dates, which allows us to allows us to send monthly,

quarterly and semi-annual reminders to our clients so that they can make the necessary forecasts and projections for the renewal of their sanitary registrations, without this circumstance arising unexpectedly, affecting the flow and operation of their organization.


We support our clients in the updates of the sanitary registration of reference, which needs to be updated when there are changes in formulation or labeling. In turn, if there is a change in the applicable legislation, we offer the service of label review and proposal of modifications to ensure that the labels comply with the new regulations in force.


The use of poor quality or incorrect raw materials, lack of hygiene in food handling, lack of legal compliance in manufacturing processes, poor conditions of the establishments, among others, may result in administrative sanctions.  These non-compliances, when detected by the regulatory body, initiate a legal administrative procedure which may lead to a sanction established in the Health Code.  Our compliance counseling ensures that your company and its products comply with the corresponding regulations in order to avoid incurring in administrative proceedings. In this integral advice a team of lawyers works together with nutritionists to form a team with a high knowledge in the field of Central American Technical Regulations, national regulations and CODEX regulations applicable according to the type of product.


Enlace Profesional de Consultores, S.A. has a team of lawyers who are experts in administrative defense related to Health and Sanitary Registrations. Our lawyers are specialists in the field and advise companies that for any reason are involved in an administrative process for alleged non-compliance with regulations related to Health and Food Safety. This service includes the analysis of the case to verify compliance and correct application of regulations as well as the construction of the appropriate technical defense by legal experts in the food industry.