Care and hygiene are products that, due to the way they are used and the importance of their composition, require sanitary registration management. The following are considered care and hygiene: personal hygiene products, cosmetics, household hygiene products, medical-surgical materials, products for animals and pets, pesticides and products related to these categories. Whether the products are manufactured in Guatemala, Central America or Panama or imported, they must have their respective license and sanitary registration to guarantee the safety of their composition for their intended use.

The companies that commercialize related products have a very broad portfolio of products, and their composition varies constantly. In order to handle these particularities of the industry, Enlace Profesional de Consultores has created processes and systems for the monitoring and adjustment of the sanitary registrations of related products, as well as for the control of their renewals, in order to avoid inconveniences or suspensions in the operation of our clients’ companies.

We understand the different sectors that commercialize related products, and the particularities of each one of the categories, since it is not the same to deal with cleaning products than with products for pets or pesticides, each one of these entails special characteristics in its operation and products that we take into account to advise them in the management of sanitary registrations and licenses.