We have an auditors team, trained in Food Safety Management Systems on the ISO 22000:2018 standard and we offer the service of Pre-inspections or audit inspections based on the Central American Technical Regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’S) and Good Storage Practices (BPA’S) in: food production plants, distributors, food services, restaurants, food sales kiosks, etc. in order to guarantee the corresponding regulatory compliance.



BPM’s, BPA’S, HACCP, ISO22000:2005. We work together with the clients to implement the points of improvement and non-compliance detected in the audit carried out. The objective is that its products have a harmless process from the reception of raw material to the distribution of the final product. Additionally, we provide support during the implementation of changes and training to your staff to meet quality and safety standards.


As part of our services, the review or elaboration and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices Manuals is included, which are mandatory requirements for obtaining sanitary licenses for manufacturers. We have experts to provide training in the context of Good Manufacturing Practices.


We collaborate in obtaining Sanitary Licenses for manufacturers, food distributors, convenience stores, kiosks for the sale of food products, restaurants and food services through the diligence before the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance. We are the communication channel between your company and the regulatory body so that the process progresses as expected, until the final result is obtained and that they can enable the operation.